Stakeholders Participation and Community Engagement

Our core practices are inherently multi-sector and multi-actor, meaning that a multiplicity of interests is at stake. It is well understood that, in theory, the success of any development intervention is dependent upon political will, organizational buy-in and social license to operate from the public, but this is not always simple to achieve in practice. JESCA posits that government agencies must be responsive to the interests of the public that they serve. This means that concerns and recommendations must be systematically heard and addressed. In strict coordination with the clients, our team will find innovative ways to foster meaningful participation, inclusion, and transparency while remaining sensitive to different contexts.

Our staff brings a wealth of experience in developing:

  • Communication Strategies
  • Disclosure and Consultation Plans
  • Stakeholder baseline and ongoing analyses
  • Mechanisms for public feedback throughout the project life cycle
  • Planning and facilitating public meetings
  • Designing and administering surveys
  • Databases to store and analyze all relevant data.


Not just lip service

We view meaningful stakeholder participation and Community Engagement as a two-way street to decrease inequality, create shared value and economic opportunities, strengthen the civil society and its most marginalized members’ capacity to become reliable partners and actors in contributing to sustainable social changes.


Learning by engaging ...

We advocate for legal and institutional changes and mechanisms that support Stakeholder Participation and Community Engagement in most of our solutions including in PPP, Urban and Regional Planning, Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience. We support stakeholders and communities via our capacity building and training services that empower them to become real agents for change.