Public Private Partnerships

Public infrastructure and services are critical to sustained socio-economic development. However, improving existing infrastructure, building new facilities or service delivery is often beyond the budgetary capacity of many national governments.

Sub-national governments are not exempt from budgetary shortages either. With decentralization policies, sub-national governments like provinces or municipalities are given increasing responsibility in planning the socioeconomic development of their territories including building and improving infrastructure and services.

Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) often provide a convenient and cost-effective way for governments to stretch their limited resources through engagements with the private sector. Governments all around the globe have been enacting PPP laws and policies that set forth the mechanisms through which government entities at the central and sub-national levels can engage with private business entities and leverage their financial resources and expertise.

JESCA Solutions fully understands the prerequisites for the creation of favorable legal, regulatory and institutional framework for PPPs at the national and sub-national levels. We use the strength of our PPP services, team and networks to help clients:

  • Create a PPP enabling environment with comprehensive laws, policies, and regulations that will enable actors of the public sector to enter into strong partnerships with the private sector;
  • Incorporate strong social and environmental safeguards and promote stakeholder participation in PPP contracts;
  • Streamline implementation of existing laws and policies by promoting efficiency and transparency, improved project management and monitoring progress made toward set goals (see ICT4D in cross-sector services);
  • Modernize PPP operations and PPP portfolio management by designing a PPP Management System that transfers institutional processes and tools into a web-based platform;
  • Advise on PPP transactions