PPP Management System (P3MS)

JESCA Solutions helps government entities that need to implement Public Private Partnership policies to embrace the principles of transparency, fairness, competition and efficiency. A successful implementation of PPP policies relies on a robust legal framework and operational mechanisms that clearly defines the processes, the parties involved, and the technical requirements necessary to identify, procure, implement and monitor projects. This is a complex endeavor that requires careful coordination to manage processes, documentations, deadlines, approvals, necessary permits and licenses, communications or milestones.

JESCA supports its client in managing PPPs from the identification and the prioritization of suitable projects to the pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, the procurement, contract negotiation and signing and, the management of post-closing activities. Along the way, we help our clients develop guidelines, tools, and manuals and train the staff to their use. We also support the change management activities necessary to ensure the success of such endeavors. This approach is consistent with our philosophy of delivering sustainable outcomes supported by knowledge transfer and capacity building.

Our team of PPP experts have partnered with our Project Management and our IT Specialists to develop a series of IT tools that will help all PPP stakeholders including government officials and agencies, project managers, investors and donors, private sector and civil society entities communicate and drive their activities by automating and streamlining the processes and workflows and facilitating regulatory compliance; making the entire PPP process more responsive, reliable and transparent.

These tools are regrouped into JESCA’s PPP Management System (P3MS). The P3MS has three main components:

  • PPP Pipeline management system: PPP projects identification, prioritization and pipeline management and monitoring
  • PPP procurement management system: to manage the identification of providers and the awarding and managing of PPP project procurements.
  • Post-PPP procurement management system: to manage the delivery of results and adherence to regulations and/or milestones

Our standard PPP platform has been designed based on international best practices. It can be customized to fit the specific legal, institutional structure, social and business frameworks and overall system for target countries. We work closely with our clients to capture the business requirements for designing, building, deploying and maintaining the PPP platform.

The PPP platform also constitutes a repository for countries’ sectorial legislations and regulations, for PPP agreements and concessions, for Terms of Reference documents along with standard bidding documents, for checklists and more. It will host various impact studies as well as provide a resource center and a dashboard of PPP indicators by country or by region. The JESCA PPP platform will ultimately provide a PPP-enabling environment through a strong pipeline of projects tightly integrated with relevant information artifacts. This will lead to timely and seamless management of related activities, resulting in successful and well documented outcomes for JESCA Solutions’ Clients.