Urban and Regional Planning and Development

National and local governments have the responsibility to elaborate and implement strategies to promote the sustainable development of their territories and to improve the lives of their citizens. This exercise requires specialized skills to properly evaluate needs, identify resources and obstacles, establish short, medium and long terms goals and objectives, design strategy with key activities to reach these goals and measure progress towards them.

JESCA Solutions advises clients on how to best prepare their development strategies. We offer our clients a combination of geographic and sector-based strategies that promote integrated policies to better leverage land based resources, mitigate obstacles, address the needs of the population, optimize the use of infrastructures, search for complementarity and promote economies of scale. Our services empower national, regional and municipal governments with a set of tools to set their development agenda and achieve their stated objectives. We organize our services around Urban and Regional Planning and Development to create smart and resilient cities and communities.

Our line of services includes ...

  • Urban and Regional planning and development policy design and evaluation 
  • Urban and Regional Development Plan
  • Urban and Regional Master plan design 
  • Slums upgrading policy and master plan
  • Urban services (water and sanitation, waste management, energy and others) delivery finance and management

  • Urban transportation planning 
  • Municipal capacity building and local public finance
  • Urban community‚Äôs resilience building
  • Housing policy and finance 
  • Land Tenure and Land Rights
  • Rural Development 
  • Mainstreaming resilience, natural risks mitigation and climate change adaptation in urban development and planning 

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