M&E, Performance and Impact Evaluation

Under the leadership of our M&E specialists, JESCA Solutions brings together our researchers, our technical specialists, our GIS experts, our Data Management and Analytics and our IT teams to develop comprehensive M&E, Impacts and Performance evaluation plans. In addition, we provide the following services:

- Promote data quality, security, privacy and integrity from collection to processing and display by adhering to privacy standards and using relevant technologies and protocols.

- Enrich our electronic data collection with GIS data using geolocation capable equipment such as GPS-enabled devices.

- Integrate and analyze contextual data elements and allows a multisector view to better understand contexts and explain results

- Develop user friendly web-based platforms and protocols to routine collect, process and display data including among geographically distributed teams.

-  Capacity building and training services  


JESCA Solutions considers Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) as key components of our activities and projects. As a rule, we typically include a lighter M&E plan in our proposals, using the expertise of our M&E Service. Our goal is to provide our clients the means to measure progress and results against key indicators and to make the necessary adjustments to make sure that programs meet their goals.  

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