Management Consulting and Project Management

Establishing clear strategies, objectives and goals are important when undertaking complex development projects. However, without the proper management structure and tools, projects often fail to implement key activities and deliver results.

JESCA Solutions helps institutions, organizations and project management teams identify the resources needed, put in place the structure and adopt the tools that will support them in the implementation of projects’ activities and improve their performance.

We review mandates to assess the adequacy of technical and administrative staff, reporting mechanisms, communication needs, approval processes, archival/document sharing, etc.

We propose management structures, systems and tools to standardize and streamline processes, clarify roles and responsibilities, improve communication and knowledge management with the end goals of improving performance, achieve objectives and have the desired impacts. When necessary, our solutions are rooted in the project’s legal and institutional frameworks. We also help our clients manage the necessary changes in management structures that come with changes in mandates, expansion or legal and institutional reforms for instance.

Our Management Consulting and Project Management experts support our clients in their efforts to improve their performance and deliver results through short and long terms technical assistance in:

  • Project Planning & Management
  • Stakeholders Engagement
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Performance evaluation
  • Program Assessment

Our Management Consulting and Project Management experts have partnered with our ICT experts to develop our Program Management Platform.