Our ICT4D IT Solutions

Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D) is the overall use of ICTs in supporting socio-economic development, international development, and human rights activities and gains. In our work helping our clients, JESCA solutions leverage Information Technology as an enabler and a multiplier. JESCA Solutions proposes technology solutions that are based on the nature of the problem to be solved, the existing technology infrastructure and the ability of the clients to independently use the technology.

We empower our clients to undertake important complex challenges while remaining informed and in control by supporting efficient decision making and organizational changes. Our solutions aim to streamline institutional processes, promote efficiency and transparency, improve projects, programs and portfolios management, reduce or mitigate risks for implementers, insert built-in sustainability/resiliency, align stakeholders’ interests and, increase projects’ shared value.

As part of our services, we have developed the following solutions: