Data Management and Analytics

The developing world is facing complex issues that require robust data driven analysis and decision-making support to design equally complex strategies and policies. JESCA Solutions offers cutting-edge services for the collection, analysis, modeling, and visualization of large sets of data on complex development issues.

We utilize existing quantitative and qualitative data from different sources and at different levels and collect primary data to build complex databases. We use scientific processes to extract and categorize the data to provide a comprehensive picture of the situation at hand. We produce solid evidence to inform strategies and policies. We apply modeling techniques and built-in indicators to predict the outcomes of these policies. We design and implement surveys to support periodic data collection, process, and analysis to evaluate and monitor progress made.

JESCA combines its data management and analytics capabilities with Geographic Information System (GIS) and spatial modeling to support our projects in spatial planning, urban and regional development and planning, climate change adaptation and resilience, Disaster Risk Reduction activities; to conduct socioeconomic impact assessments and develop Relocation Action Plans (RAP) for populations affected by large infrastructure projects. Our data management services aim to support informed and sound management decisions.

Our Data Management and Analytics Team partners with our IT Solutions Team to building comprehensive Information Systems for projects ranging from Financial Management System, Health Management Systems, Beneficiaries Management Systems and the like.