CRS and Shared Value

One of the main premises of JESCA Solutions philosophy is that public and private investments can and must be catalysts to provide positive impacts in the communities that we serve.

Through our Corporate Social Responsibility and Shared Value services, we combine expertise in Management Consulting, Community Engagement, Capacity Building with our team’s extensive experience in International Development to deliver value. Through our projects, we support private investors and philanthropic entities in translating their Corporate Social Responsibility and Shared Value Creation policies and goals into actions and programs that have tangible impacts on the lives of disadvantaged communities around the globe. More specifically:


Philanthropic projects .....

 We implement projects funded by corporation and foundations to provide access to basic services and opportunities to marginalized communities. We work with the communities to develop an in-depth understanding of the issues and their environment. We adapt international best practices to the situation at hand and find innovative ways to bring sustainable changes with a clear exit strategy that are designed to give the project life beyond our mandate.


Shared Value creation ....

We help corporations change the way they do business to create Shared Value with their suppliers and their communities. We analyze supply chains to identify bottlenecks, eradicate waste and create opportunities for improvement and growth that will benefit the communities, and its ability to create and deliver more reliable and better quality materials, products, and/or services while positively contributing to the bottom line of the corporation.