Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience

Climate change has devastating impacts all over the globe and more severely in the developing world, where the majority of the populations is already living in precarious conditions. We are witnessing an increase in the frequency and severity of known disaster risks and the emergence of new ones. The impacts include more frequent hurricanes, heavier rain, flooding, heat wave and rising temperature, rising sea level, drought to higher average temperature. These translate into losses of lives, destruction of socio-economic infrastructure, economic assets and livelihood. We are also facing faster environmental degradation like coastal erosion, erosion, soil loss and degradation, droughts that have long term impacts on the ability of communities to live safe, prosperous lives.

JESCA Solutions provides technical assistance in climate change adaptation and resilience as both as a stand-alone and a cross-practice expertise. Our line of services includes:

  • Risks mapping and modeling using GIS and remote sensing
  • Mainstreaming Climate change in spatial planning, urban and regional development and planning
  • Mainstreaming Climate change in infrastructure, socioeconomic development and population settlements planning
  • Innovative risk reduction and mitigation measures
  • Cost benefit analysis of the climate change adaptation options
  • Institutional and community participation, engagement and capacity building in climate change adaptation and resilience building activities