About Us

JESCA Solutions LLC is a small specialized firm, founded in 2016, serving national and local governments, participating financial institutions, foundations and the private sector in their commitment to maximizing their investments, infrastructure and services delivery, as a direct route to attaining sustainable social and economic development goals. We aim at delivering solutions that make a tangible difference in the lives of the beneficiaries


The JESCA approach

Our highly qualified and experienced staff is committed to providing tailored solutions that fit our client’s unique set of priorities. We embrace an integrated cross-sector approach that uses our combined expertise to explore and address the impacts that our projects may have in the broader context. This preferred approach is inclusive of all key actors and beneficiaries for increased chances of ownership and sustainable changes.

We provide client-oriented and customized solutions that leverage our team’s extensive international and country-specific experience and our network of vetted international consultants and local firms and experts.



We supplement our technical expertise with research skills, technological innovations, and sound management practices. We deliver solutions that foster evidence-based decision-making practices, efficiency, accountability, improved time and resource management, clear communication, traceability. All our projects include an exit strategy and we equip our clients with the tools and know-how to independently be successful in their future endeavors to promote inclusive development. 

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